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CurrysCurrys -

Currys is the UK's biggest Electrical retailer and offers one of the most extensive product ranges online with over 7,000 lines.

Convenient, fast and efficient, a microwave oven is an invaluable cooking appliance for any household. As well as conventional microwave ovens that reheat, defrost and cook foods, their versatile combination microwaves give further options to let you grill, bake and roast. Alternatively Currys have microwaves with grills that will crisp and brown your food as it cooks and has the flexibility of a separate grill and microwave.

Currys also have cheap offers and deals on built-in microwave options for space-saving and seamless kitchen designs.


Co-op Electrical Shop Co-op Electrical Shop -

The Co-op electrial Shop features a range of competitively priced products including a full range of microwaves, including microwave ovens and grills. AThe Co-op electrial Shop microwaves come in a brilliant range of colours and brands so you will be sure to find one to fit perfectly into your kitchen. The Co-op electrial Shop have the very cheapest online offers and deals on microwaves and microwave ovens in the UK.

Convenient and efficient. Our Microwaves fulfil your need for super fast meals! Our range includes Conventional Solo Ovens, Microwave Grills and Combination Ovens.


Appliance CityAppliance City -

Appliance City offers a wide range of household electrical appliances from manufacturers such as Bosch, Smeg, Siemens, Neff, LG, Whirlpool and others.

Their aim has been to keep prices as low as possible, by buying in bulk and in some cases direct from the factories. This enables the customer to make considerable savings on high street prices.


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